FENIK’S ICE CREAM FLAVORS

We would like to introduce some new flavors that we are excited to share with all of you. Some may stick around and others may disappear,

so please let us know which ones you really enjoy as those will be the ones that we will keep.

     Our premier homemade ice cream is made daily from fresh cream  using our family’s recipes.

Our Summer Seasonal Favorite Flavors

Coconut Avalanche  *   Butter Pecan   *   Cookies n Cream   *   Banana  *   Strawberry   *   Mocha Almond Fudge   *   Cookie Dough   *   Chocolate Chip   *   Mint Oreo   *   Mint Chocolate Chip   *   Moose Trax  *  Birthday Cake  *  Superman    *  Chocolate Almond  *  Rocky Road  *  Blue Moon  *  Bubble Gum  *  Coconut Avalanche  *  Dulce de Leche  *  Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup  * Mocha Almond fudge  *  Pineapple Upside Down Cake  *  Cotton Candy  *

*Cookie Monster *   


Frozen Yogurt

Pistachio  *  Vanilla *  Chocolate  *  Blueberry Cheese Cake  *  Heath  *  Blueberry Pomegranate  *  Banana * Peach

No Sugar Added Ice Creams

Butter Pecan  *  Mint Chocolate Chip  *  Cherry Vanilla


Vanilla * Mint Chocolate Chip * Cookies &  Cream


Frutti di Bosco * Pistachio * Lemon Cream * Salty Caramel