Our house specialty items are simply mouth watering delicious.  We make these here in our shop using premium frozen custard in our desserts to give you the very best experience. Enjoy our Fenik’s Favorites and share some with a loved one.

HOT FUDGE BROWNIE BOWL – warm chocolate brownie topped with 2 scoops of vanilla custard, hot fudge and whipped   cream

STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE – warm slice of pound cake, vanilla custard, strawberry topping, and whipped cream & cherry

APPLE PIE A LA MODE – Warm apple pie topped with generous scoop of vanilla custard

BANANA SPLIT -  a banana with vanilla and chocolate custard topped with pineapple, chocolate syrup and strawberries, whipped cream.

CHOCOLATE ALMOND HOT FUDGE SUNDAE- 3 scoops of chocolate custard , sprinkled toasted almonds and whipped cream.

HOT FUDGE PEANUT BUTTER PARFAIT-  vanilla custard with layers of peanut butter and hot fudge with whipped cream served in a parfait glass.

HOT TIN ROOF – layers of vanilla custard, hot fudge and spanish peanuts topped with whipped cream and a cherry.

KATIE COOKIE – frozen vanilla custard sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies.

S’MORES SUNDAE- vanilla custard with marshmallow sauce, chocolate syrup and graham cracker.

TURTLE SUNDAE – 3 scoops of vanilla custard topped with caramel, chocolate hard shell and topped with salted pecans and whipped cream